Six Pillars of Meaning

tracksBeginnings and endings are often indistinguishable. This blog is my way of understanding myself and my brothers and sisters on Earth in a spiritual context. We are in a time of great need, and also on the threshold of long-awaited expansions. I find these movements in myself as well, with the arrival of my middle age. As I settle into my forties, there is a silvering and becalming of my heart. My temper is less quick, my judgement is clearer, my self knowledge is more refined. I am less afraid of the darkness in others, and less compelled by it. But… there is a profound exhaustion that I wrestle with. On one hand, I look and feel younger than I am, and on the other, I often feel I’ve been alive for centuries. I know I am not alone in this, that it’s a common feeling. I often feel lost about where to start with the problems the world faces, and am baffled at how to fulfill some of my deeper longings. In the end, I am not placated by airy niceties, and I don’t expect anything close to perfection. What I want, above all else, is authenticity. Authenticity in myself, in my relationships, in my perceptions. This is not always easy, but I am on the journey to understand the infinite inside, in the context of a messy, sensitive, cautious, mercurial, mysterious human self.

The blog’s name, “Human Star”, and it’s significance, came to me recently in a dream. It is a symbol of the six pillars of meaning and healing:

  1. Honor & Integrity
  2. Reverence for Beauty
  3. Fairness & Justice
  4. Discrimination & Discernment
  5. Faithfulness & Trust
  6. Humor & Humility

These six points must be activated, alive and in balance (for me, but I suspect for most others as well) in order to flourish. And as an exhausted, overworked, financially insecure single parent tending to these areas is sometimes overwhelmingly challenging. So, tired, confused, traumatized, weary but humor-filled people: Welcome! This blog feels quite private (and perhaps will never be read!) but it is also for you. I won’t offer platitudes, since I am struggling to find my way also. We are all in this boat together. What I can offer is my heartfelt experience, and some direct spiritual wisdom I have received that I have found helpful and heartening.

Author: Claire

I'm a woman who cares most about connecting with and helping other women find their way. I am not qualified to give advice but to offer condolence, sympathy, empathy, a witnessing eye, a listening heart, a sword of truth and a shield of love to my sisters who struggle with the dilemmas and exhaustions and victories of human life in this moment. We're all here together. photo credit: Steve Clark

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